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Major Colgan's200 years of history.....

Jarvey's Rest becomes Major Colgan's
in the heart of Killarney National Park

Why the change in name?

Jarvey's Rest is a name that is uniquely linked to Killarney and the wonderful tradition of jaunting car drivers and Irish hospitality. It is a name that served us well over the years but following a review of what is on offer, we have decided to move towards a gastro pub experience with new decor, an enhanced menu offering and renewed service standard.

Why the name of Major Colgan?

An unsung hero in Irish history and previous owner of The Muckorss Hotel in the 20th century, we felt it was a fitting name to choose owing to his contribution to Ireland, Killarney and Muckross.

Who was Major Patrick J Colgan?

Patrick Colgan was born in Co. Kildare in 1890 and was one of fifteen Irish Volunteers, who marched from Maynooth, Co. Kildare ('The Maynooth Men') to the General Post Office in Dublin for the Easter Rising in 1916. 

Major Colgan and his brave comrades travelled along the Royal Canal to the GPO with only small arms and bravery to fight for Ireland’s freedom. They fought along side Ireland’s patriots including Michael Collins, Padraig Pearse and James Connolly during that fateful April week.

Committed to Ireland and the Irish People, he later led the North Kildare Battalion of the Volunteers during the struggle for Independence until 1922 when Ireland finally became the Irish Free State.

In 1924 he married Annie Short of Dublin and in the same year led the Irish Boxing Team to the Paris Olympics of 1924. He also served on the county Board of Kildare GAA and was a Gaeilgeor (Irish Speaker)

Major Patrick Colgan served in the Irish National Army with distinction and was an important part in the birth of our nation. During World War 2 he was stationed at Muckross House, Killarney from 1939 – 1946. This was the time of the Emergency in Ireland where the threat of invasion and strict rationing made daily life difficult.

It was during this time he frequently visited the local Muckross Hotel which was owned by Mrs Margaret Ross of Killarney. He developed a love for the town and its people and along with his wife Annie, they settled in Killarney permanently.
He retired from the Irish Army with distinction in 1946.

The now retired Patrick Colgan decided to start a new venture by purchasing The Muckross Hotel. Affectionately known locally as ‘The Major’, he ran this great hotel with his wife Annie making a success of their venture.
They continued the traditions of Irish hospitality that have led to the 5-star Muckross Park Hotel & Spa present today.

Major Colgan sadly passed away in 1960 but Annie Colgan continued the hotel business into the 1970’s with assistance from the local Fuller Family.

His tradition of a warm Irish welcome, great food and a friendly ear to all visitors will continue at the newly renamed Major Colgan’s. A fitting legacy to one of Ireland’s unsung heroes.

What else has changed?

Following a sizeable investment by owners iNua Hospitality, the interior of Colgan's has a fresh new brighter look and feel. A new wooden floor, upholstery and a renewed bar counter are some of the changes. With the first phase now complete, more refurbishment will take place later in 2018.

A new larger kitchen was also built to allow for better food preparation movement and facilities for our experienced kitchen team.


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